About Me

Welcome to Southern Fryed Bliss, y’all! I’m Kayte. Those closest to me call me Kayte Jo. These are my boys, Scott and Henry. I love cooking for them and any excuse to entertain family and friends.

Scott and I have been married for seven years and we have had quite the journey together...he has been an involved (and honest) taste tester during my cooking adventures as well. We met in Arkansas, moved to North Carolina, lived in Ohio (where the BEST thing happened: Henry) and now we are back underneath the Carolina blue skies. One thing that has remained constant throughout this journey is the fulfillment we get from spending time together around the kitchen table. Eating good food is a must, but good company and fellowship are what makes it even better!

I took a brief hiatus from blogging to focus on being a new mommy while working full time, but now I do consulting from home. This has allowed for a more flexible schedule and for me to do more of what really makes me happy, including cooking and blogging. I am excited to bring Southern Fryed Bliss back in action to share some of my favorite recipes and entertaining ideas with you!

You can also follow me on Instagram @southernfryedbliss. Feel free to leave comments or questions on any posts or shoot me an email!

Kayte Jo